真言宗犬鳴派 大本山 犬鳴山 七宝瀧寺

Experience the Primeral Forest


真言宗犬鳴派 大本山 犬鳴山 七宝瀧寺


Primeval forest

In 661, in the reign of the Empress Saimei.
Mt. Inunaki has been worshipped as an original sacred mountain in Japan, and evolved in unique ways.

This place is filled with power of nature, so people call this area Primeval forest.
Also, it has played very important role in training for Katsuragi Shugen,
or ascetic training near the Mt. Katsuragi. The whole mountain is regarded as a large training spot.


真言宗犬鳴派 大本山 犬鳴山 七宝瀧寺

Experience the Water Power

Seven waterfalls

There are seven waterfalls in Mt. Inunaki.
Ryokai-no-taki, To-no-taki,
Benten-no-taki, Nunobiki-no-taki, Kozuki-no-taki, Gyoja-no-taki
and Senju-no-taki are worshipped as sacred waterfall where the Seven Gods of fortune and Fudo (Acala) reside.
It hasn't changed since ancient times.


真言宗犬鳴派 大本山 犬鳴山 七宝瀧寺

Experience the Fire Power

Goma Prayer

Goma prayer is a fire ritual to burn away worldly desires,
wishing for good health and to remove evil spirits.
In Inunakisan Shipporyuji temple,
we receive your application every day and make a goma prayer.


真言宗犬鳴派 大本山 犬鳴山 七宝瀧寺

Experience the Wind Power

One-day training

We offer one-day training experience for ordinary people under the guidance of ascetic Buddhist monk of Mt. Inunaki.
We visit some training spots and places of worship in the mountain and conduct ascetic practices in Gyoja no Taki.


真言宗犬鳴派 大本山 犬鳴山 七宝瀧寺

Contact Us

Opening hours:
From 7:30 am to 4:30 pm


Shipporyuji 8 Ogi Izumusano city Osaka

The entrance gate opens at7:30 am and closes at 4:30 pm

By Public Transportion

Take a Nankai bus from Nankai Izumisano Station on the Nankai Railway line.
If you would prefer to ride the JR line, Hineno Station on the JR Hanwa Line is also a possible location for catching the bus.
Ride the bus to the stop named Inunakisan. Walk 150 meters to the gate and more 900 meters to the main hall.

By Car

Cross Ichinosho Bridge 100 meters before the final stop of Nankai Bus on Izumisano Kokawa Line, then proceed along Inunaki Forest Road for 1.5 kilometers, and you will arrive at the 50-space parking lot below the main hall. It takes about five minutes on foot to the main hall.

Rest facilities ・ Accommodations

Shipporyuji Haku-unkaku is an accommodation only for ascetics, not for ordinary pilgrims.
Please refer to the link below for details regarding accommodations.
Please call +81-72-459-7219 for inquiries.