Training Experience

Experience nature and purify your mind and body

Earth, water, fire, wind, sky. You can appreciate the power of nature with your five senses.
Both men and women can take part in one-day training guided by ascetic practitioners of Mt. Inunaki.
By facing nature, you can purify and reevaluate yourself.

One-day training

The third Sunday of each month / Reservation required ※Not available from December to Feb-ruary

One-day training attracting more and more women

We offer one-day ascetic practice experience for general travelers who want to participate in Mountain Asceticism known as “Shugen-do.” Participants walk around the mountain, visiting training sites and places of worship under the guidance of ascetic monks of Mt. Inunaki. You can also join takigyo meditation, or waterfall training. Mt. Inunaki is open to women, earning it the nickname “Nyonin Omine” (Women’s Omine), as only men are permitted to enter Mt. Omine’s training grounds. Because of this, more and more women take part in the one-day as-cetic practice experience at Mt. Inunaki.

Date As a general rule, the third Sunday of each month ※Except from December to February
Participation fee 8,000 yen (includes uniform rental for waterfall training) ※Proceeds go toward maintenance of the training grounds.
How to apply Reservation is required. Send us the application form or fax us by 10 days prior to your entry.
For more information, please call us at +81-72-459-7101.
Please note that application will be closed when the limit is reached.
Entry qualification(Age limit) Only for those aged around 10 to 70 and confident about physical strength.
Others You can apply for goma prayer, memorial services and sutra copying at the reception of the main hall on the day whether you are in a group or not.
※Please kindly note that there may be times when it is not possible to respond to all requests due to unforeseen circumstances.
Notes We are afraid to say that we cannot accept your cancel request after your application.
If you need to cancel due to unavoidable circumstances, please contact us by e-mail or telephone as soon as possible.
8:45 am
Please gather at the square in front of the large Migawari Fudo statue.
8:50 am
Reception and roll call
9:00 am
After a religious service in front of the main hall, we’ll climb Mt. Inunaki for training.
11:30 am
After returning from the mountain, there will be bathroom breaks. Then, go on to waterfall training.
1:30 pm
Those who complete the training will receive a certificate. Then, the program ends.

※We won't have any lunch breaks during the training, so please have lunch after the program.


  • This is a kind of training, so please refrain from participating just for fun.
  • While training, No Talking, No Alcohol, No Smoking.
  • You will need to take full responsibility for any accident during the training, so please take care of yourself and your personal belongings.
  • Please follow the instructions from the staff on that day.
    Otherwise, we might ask you to stop climbing. In that case, no refund is available.
  • Do not hesitate to tell the staff when you feel sick or the training is hard. It’s nothing to be ashamed of stopping the training on the way.
  • As a general rule, it is not allowed to join only waterfall training. You need to take all the training programs.
  • Due to the weather, the content and date of training can be changed.
  • We are afraid to say that we cannot accept your cancel request after your application. If you need to cancel due to unavoidable circumstances, please contact us by e-mail or telephone as soon as possible.
  • Reservation-only.Same-day application is not accepted.
  • You are allowed to go back at any time.No pressure.
  • Join the training at your own risk.There is possibility of accidents, injuries and so on.


After reading and agreeing with the notes above, click Apply for One-day training, select the tittle “Apply for One-day training”, and fill out the application form. Please mention the date of your participation and names, ages, and sexes of all the members in your group in the message column so that we can give you a certification with your name.

※If you apply for the program by e-mail, please make sure that you can receive e-mails from “@inunakisan.jp” because we will reply in order to notify that we receive your application.

No reservation required

One day Japanese calligraphy
No reservation required

One day Japanese calligraphy

Sutra copying (Japanese calligraphy) is the practice of transcribing the Buddda’s teachings by hand. It is a form of Buddhist training that involves deep concentration and mental calm-ness as you copy each letter by hand. Anyone can experience it regardless of religion or de-nomination. Please feel free to join us.

Exprience fee : 1,000yen 〜+Facility fee:1,000yen
Please contact us or apply at the main hall office.

The 28 stations of Mt. Inunaki

The whole area of Mt. Inunaki is regarded as a sacred training ground. Within its grounds are 28 sites that correspond to the 28 prayer sta-tions along the larger Katsuragi pilgrimage trail.

Seven waterfalls and
Gyoja no Taki

In the reign of the Emperor Junna (824-834), amid a great drought, religious practitioners in sacred mountains, temples and shrines across Japan prayed for rainfall. The monks of our mountain also prayed to Fudo Myo-o for rain, and miraculously, fruitful showers came to the Senshu area. The seven most famous waterfalls of Mt. Inunaki were likened to the seven treas-ures mentioned in the Lotus Sutra, and Emperor Junna bestowed upon the temple the name “Shipporyuji” (temple of seven treasures).

Kobo Daishi also known as Kukai, enshrined Seven Deities of Good Fortune. So, seven waterfalls in this mountain is called scared waterfall of Seven Deities of Good Fortune and Fudo. Once you visit this mountain, it is said that you can obtain the sacred power of these gods and increase good fortune.

Waterfalls for training where many practitioners visit

Gyoja-no-taki in Inunakisan Shipporyuji is a sacred waterfall. There is no end to the number of people who climb the mountain and visit this temple throughout Japan around the year. Mt. Inunaki is open to women, so it is called “nyonin Omine”; for women are prohibited from entering Mt. Omine. Because of this, more and more women take part in the one-day practice experience in Mt. Inunaki. Also, some of practitioners who contributed to the spreading of Buddhism in Japan, such as En no Gyoja, Kobo Taishi, and Saint Ichigan practiced in this waterfall.

About waterfall training

Please make a reservation in advance.

Only for those who are taught how to enter the waterfall. If you want to practice in the waterfall, please join one-day training experience. Generally, the practice is held on the third Sunday of each month. Please make sure to check the guidelines and contact us by the
Inquiry Formor FAX (+81-72-459-7101)


Recently, some people became interested in practicing in waterfall because it is introduced through the media. However, because the whole ground, including Gyoja no Taki is a sacred training area, please follow our instructions. If someone enter the waterfall without permission, we can call the police to prevent accidents from occurring.

  • Reservation requiredSame-day application is not allowed.
  • Lending fees for training clothes500 yen / person
  • Please join the training at your own riskThere is a possibility of accidents, injuries and so on.